HG Natural Stone Kitchen Top Cleaner

Natural stone worktop cleaner

500ml Spray



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Natural stone kitchen top cleaner with special formula
This natural stone worktop cleaner deepens the structure of the natural stone with its special formula, so your granite worktop will boast its natural beauty day in and day out. The product is suitable as a granite worktop cleaner for granite kitchen tops, marble, bluestone and other types of natural stone. Also a great cleaner for cement worktops.

The HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner is a safe, fast and effective way to remove grease and other grime from natural stone kitchen tops. The easiest solution for no-streak results

How do you use HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner.

Spray the kitchen top with the natural stone worktop cleaner.
Wipe it off with a clean (kitchen top) cloth; may be damp.
On stubborn or dried-in dirt, leave the liquid to absorb for a few minutes.
The result a clean kitchen top!


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