Selden TAR ‘N’ GLUE

Tar and glue remover

5 litres




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Removes tar and glue from all hard, solvent-resistant surfaces

Safe to use on metals Ideal for the removal of most sealants, adhesives and stubborn areas of new car delivery wax.

Silicone free and suitable for use in bodyshops

Use to remove tar, glue and bitumen from wheel trims, chrome, engine bays and any metal surface.

Apply with a clean soft cotton cloth and rub until all residue is removed.

Wipe all areas with a wet sponge.

NOTE: Use only in well ventilated areas when working on interiors, have all doors open.

Do not close doors until solvent odour has dispersed.

N.B. Product can affect some sensitive surfaces – Always carry out a spot test on an obscure area before full application.


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