Pledge Clean It 750ml

Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner



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Pledge Clean It Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner is a caring formula that easily removes dirt from floors without leaving behind a dull sticky residue. It gently reveals the natural beauty of wood floors. Leaves floors streak and residue free.
Intensify the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and floor with Pledge Clean It. The multi-action formula not only cleans and dusts, to ensure your wooden surfaces remain elegant, it also moisturises the wood to help protect against splitting, cracking and sun damage. Even after being applied this product keeps caring for your wood by protecting it and leaving a fresh scent in the air.
Pledge Clean It is designed to leave no residue and is also suitable for use on washable wood and laminate surfaces such as doors, window sills, kitchen units and skirting boards.
To restore the natural beauty of your wood, mix 2 capfuls of Pledge Clean It into 5 litres of water. Using a sponge, cloth or mop, apply evenly onto your sealed wooden surfaces. There is no need to rinse, the formula will remain after you have cleaned to protect and freshen your wood.


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