Furniture Sliders

Sliders are the innovative new way to move all kinds of furniture. Simply tilt the object to be moved, and place Sliders underneath. The object can now be easily pushed, pulled or rotated.

Sliders can help you avoid personal injury when moving heavy furniture, as well as reducing the risk of damage to furniture or carpet.

These are top quality furniture Sliders that can cope with heavy items of furniture. Contoured edges on the ‘ski plate’ minimise the risk of damage to the carpet or skirting boards. Each Slider is fitted with a 6mm thick dense foam pad to protect the furniture while being moved.

Why take unnecessary risks when moving furniture? Order your set of Sliders today.
Contains 4 large Sliders and 4 small Sliders

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HD4001 Furniture Sliders

Pack of 8

Make light work of moving heavy furniture.


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