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Unger Ergo Lobby Dust Pan & Brush

Unger Ergo Lobby Dust Pan and Brush Combo

Ergonomic – Lightweight

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Unger Ergo Lobby Dust Pan and Brush Combo

Easily sweep away small messes and keep your establishment clean all day long with the Unger lobby dust pan with broom. Both the dust pan and the broom feature an ergonomic, 33″ handle that allows you to easily sweep debris into the 12″ wide dust pan without bending over. Simply set the swivel dust pan on the ground to put it in sweeping position, and lift it up again to return to a vertical position that keeps debris inside. For added convenience, the broom attaches to the dustpan for easy storage.

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor clean-up
  • Lightweight – only 3.00kg
  • Swivel design that opens when the base hits the floor and closes without spilling contents
  • Broom and dust pan attach for effortless storage and retrieval
  • 83cm x 30cm


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