Deepio Professional Powder Degreaser

Deepio – A Serious Degreaser For Commercial Kitchens

6kg Box



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Deepio powder is a seriously powerful degreaser for cleaning greasy surfaces in professional kitchens.

This Deepio degreaser powder cuts through tough grease and grime quickly and it is non-tainting because Deepio Powder Degreaser contains neither perfume nor dye. Effective in all water conditions and safe to use on most kitchen surfaces, Deepio powder is economical in use with one 6kg pack of Deepio Degreaser Powder creating up to 700ltr of cleaner!

Deepio degreaser powder is not only highly effective at degreasing kitchen floors, work surfaces, walls, kitchen equipment, cookers, hoods, fryers, but it’s also great at degreasing pots, pans, utensils and tableware.

Deepio degreaser also leaves behind a fresh scent offering assurance to users that the kitchen is clean and degreased.


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