Carefree Floor Maintainer

Carefree Maintainer cleans faster and maintains gloss longer on all floor types

5 litres


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This maintainer cleans floors faster and maintains the gloss longer, than other floor maintainers available on the market, and is effective for damp mopping, spray cleaning, bonnet buffing and machine scrubbing. The maintainer also leaves a fresh clean fragrance.

How to Use Carefree Maintainer

To Spray Clean: Dilute 1 to 10 parts (500ml per 5ltr) with cold water and apply in a fine mist from a suitable spray bottle.

Buff using a buffing grade (red) floor pad until clean and dry.

To Damp Mop: Dilute 1 to 30 parts (165ml per 5ltr) with cold water then apply solution with a damp mop.

To Machine Scrub: Dilute 1 to 30 parts (165ml per 5ltr), apply solution then scrub with a green floor pad or brush. Pick up residue with a mop or wet suction machine.


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