Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax

Heavy Duty Liquid Wax

5 litres


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Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax is a solvent based wax floor polish for a traditional maintenance on wood floors

This is ideal for use on wood, cork, grainwood and terracotta flooring which protects and builds up a long lasting shine.

Regular buffing will remove scuff marks and it will produce a hard, slip resistant finish to your floor.

Never use this product on top of emulsion floor polishes and never use it on thermoplastic, vinyl, rubber or asphalt flooring.

How To Use:

1. Shake the container well

2. Apply an even coat of the Traffic Liquid Wax using an applicator or trigger bottle

3. Allow to dry and then buff to a shine with a low/medium speed rotary floor machine fitted with a red or a tan pad.

4. Re-apply the Traffic Liquid Wax and buff on those areas that are worn and no longer respond to buffing every 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the amount of traffic.


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