60cm (24″) Dust Sweeper Sleeve

Replacement Sleeve – Acrylic
Available in 3 sizes and 4 colours
Used for dusting all kind of floors
Button fixed meaning the floor sweeper heads are quickly and easily fitted and removed
Colour Coded to avoid cross contamination
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Dust sweepers are also known as dust control mops and dust mops.
Our Dust Sweeper Replacement Acrylic heads use static electricity to hold the dust into the mop and avoid the dust circulating in the air like a normal brush. They are great for reducing the amount of dust created when sweeping the floor and are used in Commercial and Industrial properties.
The Replacement Sweeper heads have buttons to fix them closed making it easy for the heads to be attached to the frame or removed for laundering.
Our Dust sweeper replacement heads are available in 2 other sizes and colour coded so to avoid cross contamination. This makes them great for use on all kinds of floors.

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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